AI Era: Why SEO Continues to Drive Digital Marketing

As an entrepreneur or digital marketer, keeping up with the trends of digital marketing can be overwhelming. It seems like every few months, there is an update or a new tool introduced that changes the game. However, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed – the importance of SEO. Even with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, SEO still matters in the digital marketing world. Let’s will explore why SEO is still relevant and crucial in your marketing strategies.

1. SEO is still the primary source of generating organic traffic.

Despite the growth of AI in digital marketing, SEO is still the primary source of generating organic traffic. According to HubSpot, around 70% of B2B marketers claim SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. With AI, the way search engines work has changed; however, it does not mean that SEO no longer works. With improved algorithms and machine learning, AI helps search engines deliver the most relevant results to the queries people search. This means SEO needs to be more strategic and focused for delivering the best possible outcome.

2. Voice search optimization.

With the increase in the use of voice-activated devices, voice search is becoming more popular. According to Google, 20% of all searches are voice searches. In fact, more than one billion voice searches happen every month. Voice search optimization has become crucial for businesses to be found on search engines. The queries through voice search tend to be more conversational, as people tend to speak differently from typing a query. SEO is still a crucial part of optimizing your website for voice search, as it requires targeting more long-tail keywords and optimizing content in the way people speak.

3. AI-assisted SEO.

AI has become a tool in helping to evaluate and improve SEO. AI algorithms can analyze user behavior, understand natural language processing and data management to understand relevant insights for SEO. It can assist you in identifying the keywords that have the most search volume and determining the priority order of page elements like headers, descriptions, etc., for the best performance. AI works as an assistant to your manual SEO activities.

4. User Experience.

SEO can help create a better user experience through relevant search results and easy navigation on websites. Implementing relevant keywords within the content, optimizing heading tags, meta descriptions and title tags can help improve the user experience, specifically when users land on your webpage. AI has improved the ability of search engines to understand the intent of a user’s search query and deliver the most relevant information and website. By combining traditional elements that focus on UX and SEO tactics, your business can generate more relevant traffic that ultimately leads to more conversions.

5. SEO is still a cost-effective marketing strategy.

SEO can be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies for your business especially in terms of making high-quality traffic conversions and generating an ROI. While it is a long-term investment, the returns are so worth it, and it is still a great way to build brand credibility and reputation.

SEO has been around for a while now, and many businesses may argue that it is no longer relevant. However, with the rise of AI, it is now more important than ever to optimize your website for search engines. SEO is now being assisted by AI technology, which has brought in refined and improved activities and better insights. When SEO is combined with a user-centered approach, it can help deliver a better user experience for your target customers and lead to more conversions. It remains a cost-effective, viable, and essential digital marketing strategy that you should continue to focus on.

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NB:In the interest of full transparency, I, as the writer of this document, wish to disclose my proficiency in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). My proficiency extends to the point that some of the works featured on my website were created with the assistance of AI. However, as an ethical practice, I feel the need to emphasize that not all content is AI-generated. Several articles and pieces remain the product of my individual creativity and intellectual rigor, untouched by any form of AI. While AI offers a promising potential in content creation, it is important to recognize the distinct and unique imprints of human authorship where it is due. As such, I assure you that the blend of human ingenuity and AI capabilities on my website ensures a diverse and intellectually stimulating array of content for all readers.

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