86 Blog Post Ideas for Newbie Bloggers (PART 1)

Success in blogging does not happen overnight. Aside from a high dose of patience and grit, you also need to be more creative and resourceful when it comes to sharing an engaging content to your readers.

I’ve been following the success of Brandon Gaille whose blogs have generated high traffic.

In his popular podcast “The Blogging Millionaire,” Gaille highlights the importance of creativity and consistency in planning and writing blog posts.

In his May 22, 2020 podcast episode, Gaille shares the following tips to help newbie bloggers publish new content.


  • Create a checklist.
  • Create a glossary.
  • Explain a fundamental concept.
  • Create a frequently asked question.
  • Give away tips.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of an important decision.
  • Coin a technique.
  • Tell readers why they need something.
  • Curate industry statistics.
  • Run survey and share the results.
  • Run a research study and share the results.
  • Debunk common myths and misconceptions about an industry.
  • Offer free templates.
  • Give readers tips that are based on science.
  • Help readers make decisions.
  • Share things that you’ve learned from someone else.
  • Summarize a book
  • Summarize a podcast.
  • Share productivity tips for your industry.

Gaille has always been my inspiration because of his character, skills, and creativity.

In my next post, I’ll share more tips on how you can generate blogging ideas for educational and how-to topics.

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Digital Marketing Specialist

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