Beware of Fake GCash Twitter Accounts

I have always been cautious when it comes to online privacy and security. But last April 16, I was caught off guard and fell into the trap of an online scammer.

Before this corona virus pandemic, I did not use GCash for all my bills. Since the implementation of the community quarantine, it has become too risky to go to the malls and banks. So I decided to register my number for GCash.

On that day, all my billing transactions were successfully posted except my PLDT payment. I waited for several minutes for the confirmation message until I decided to ask for customer support.

I could not find an official Gcash Facebook account that instantly replies to customer queries. I tried calling *143# but all lines were busy. That’s the time I used Twitter and met the scammer.

He immediately asked for my personal information which I easily provided. Yes, I know. That was a reckless move but I was desperate. He then asked for my MPIN and OTP which I also gave. Until I noticed that my remaining GCash balance was withdrawn and sent to a Paymaya account (last four digits 7992).

When I immediately changed my MPIN, the scammer asked me that he could no longer access my GCash. He then blocked me but fortunately I was able to take screenshots of our entire conversation.

FYI, there were two fake Twitter GCash accounts chatting with me that day. I quickly took a screenshot of the two fake accounts and filed a report.

The next day, the scammer also attempted to log into my BPI account.

Little did he know that I am closely monitoring his online activities now.

Globe customer support also vouched that they will trace the identity of the scammers although I already conducted my own investigation.

Sooner or later, these culprits will get what they truly deserve.

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