Losing Friends

After I turned thirty, I noticed that I have lost so many friends. In fact, I am confident that there are only two people today whom I consider as real friends. Their presence is truly a gift and a blessing.

I can think of a few reasons why I have lost several friends over the years.

1) Gossip.

I abhor gossipmongers. I cannot trust them. What is the point of saving a friendship if the other person has a wicked tongue and blithely unaware about it?

2) Emotional dust bin.

I kept my distance from certain people because I felt abused. I felt like they just wanted me to listen but showed no genuine interest to return the favor.

3) Asking so many favors.

We all have that one friend who constantly needs help. Well, I always helped. But this time, it is time to help myself first.

Ten or twenty years from now, I’d probably meet new people and hopefully gain new friends.

Right now, I am just happy and thankful that I had mustered the courage to cut off ties from toxic people.


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