Growing My Own Bean Sprouts at Home



I love Asian food. Since bean sprouts is one of the most common ingredients in Asian cuisines, I always buy in the local grocery.

The problem is it’s not always fresh. I prefer the sprouts to be long and crunchy. So I searched for video tutorials on how to grow it at home.

The steps are pretty simple though.

First, soak the beans for an hour. Make sure to remove the floating beans after soaking.

Second, use two face towels. I prefer to use thin towels. I’ve tried thicker towels before but the spouts did not grow as shown in the photo.

Third, place the first towel inside a regular size ice box or any plastic container (preferably a rectangular container). Then spread the beans evenly.

Fourth, cover the beans with the second towel. Then close the lid.

Lastly, place the container in a dark area.

Wait for three to four days. Make sure you keep it hydrated every day. Just open the container and sprinkle the beans with water. Then cover it again with the wet towel.

The results may vary though. Just make sure you use the best quality of beans.

I’d like to know how your beans sprouts look like. Please feel free to comment.

Peace and love to y’all.